Antigone by Sophocles: The unwritten laws

Antigone by Sophocles: The unwritten laws

And now you. I am talking to you that you are lowering the eyes to the earth. Do you confess or you deny that you did these things that he says? I confess it and neither have I thought ever to deny it. You go where you like. You are free from every accusation. And now you answer me. Shortly and without many words. Did you know my order not to bury the dead one? -I knew it. -And nevertheless you dared to disobey my laws? Zeus has not commanded me. Neither the gods of the underworld have defined for us such laws. And neither have I ever imagined that your orders shall have such power so that you can a mortal surpass the unwritten and firm god laws. which are not neither of today, nor of yesterday, but eternal. and no one knows among us since when they exist. I am not sorry I'm going to die. But if I let unburied my brother, for this yes, I would regret. I seem mindless to you, isn't that so? I do not know nevertheless who actually between the two of us is the mindless one. Its tough the character of the child. Like her father's. She hasn't learned to bend before the misfortune. I swear to the truth, she will be a man and I I will be a woman if she can like that without punishment stomp my royal authority. And if she is my sister's child and the closest relative of mine she is not going to escape the death penalty, neither her nor her sister Ismene because also herself in the same way I accuse (as I do )with this one here that together they organized the bury of the dead.


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Antigone by Sophocles: The unwritten laws

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