New Amazing Miracle by the Mother of God

Chief sergeant, Vasiliki Plexida, who survived by miracle of Virgin Mary from the crash of a helicopter in Greece, describes the dramatic moments that she lived.

Chief sergeant Vasiliki Plexida who survived from the crash of a helicopter in Sarantaporo Greece describes the dramatic moments that she lived. We bumped on a hill and at that moment spontaneously and unconsciously I invoked the assistance of Virgin Mary She survived by a miracle after the crash of a helicopter of the Greek army in Sarantaporo. The story of Chief sergeant Vasiliki Plexida become known to all Greeks and deeply moved us not only for the painful loss of four members of Greek Army Forces but also due to the fact that herself survived. Through the camera of our TV show chief sergeant Plexida narrates the dramatic moments that she lived. She is the sole survivor from the crush of a helicopter in Sarantaporo of Elassona (Greece) Chief sergeant Vasiliki Plexida deeply touched declares that her Faith, saved her life. Seventeen months later we met with Vasiliki in the Holy Monastery of the Virgin Mary of the Cape in Serifos Island. A place, with which she retains a special emotional and spiritual bond. Since the previous night as I do each time either at my work, in flight missions, or for anything else regarding my daily personal life I seeked for the blessing of nun Anthodoche and so the previous night I looked for her blessings and I said, we have a flight and she answered in peach you may go and in peace you may come back The helicopter took off from Litochoro and after a brief layover in the airport of Larissa it continued it's mission. At some moment, when flying over a gorge, a cloud of fog covered everything. We bumped on a hill and at that moment spontaneously and unconsciously I invoked the assistance of Virgin Mary I made the Cross sign and I invoked Her. And immediately all alive in front of me I saw Her in frond of the seat of the engineer, all alive she was, and she uprooted me, the seat together with the floor and I felt the jolt, the lifting and She pulled me and She took me out, in the air, and She landed me over a short bush tree. Herself in awe she describes the most amazing moments that she lived through Simply Virgin Mary knew that there I would be protected and indeed She was holding me at that seat exactly as She holds Christ Himself in the particular miraculous image of Virgin Mary of the Cape the healer (at Seriphos Island) exactly like that, and She was hugging me like a baby, and She was telling me Hush, hush, do not be afraid, I am here for you, now I will send someone to find you. At that moment it appeared the assistance. They had passed two hours, which nevertheless for Vasiliki, they seemed like a few minutes. I see a shadow of a man, at that moment at least I realized but that happened after than, almost, two hours. Simply She had transfered me to another space and time and I didn't have the sensation of the place, I thought they came at just these seconds. Vasiliki describes what she calls A MIRACLE. I felt it and I saw Her all alive the Virgin Mary that She protected me indeed and She pulled me out, I felt Her hand grabbing me and She rescued me and She placed me outside, yes, and She was keeping me company, till they came to take me and bring me to the hospital. I was listening to Her She was talking to me, Her voice was as if I was listening psalms! Having suffered very serious injuries in all of her body she was transfered to 424 Military Hospital in Thessalonica. There she remained in intensive care where she recovered her senses two days later. There I was supposed to enter for surgery, but finally the plans changed along the way and simply they put me in the operating room in order to do to me the stitches in there that were necessary, because they were needed many stisches of course because I had head skull inguries, many blows on the face, a fracture in the chest and four fractures in the vertebral column... The initial estimation of the doctors was that she should remain in hospital for at least five months. Vasiliki however recovered within two and a half weeks Virgin Mary appeared again to me next to my bed head and since she took from me all the pain she asked me to declare the miracle in order to strengthen the faith of all for the End Time events coming. If you have to deliver some message to all who are listening to us at this moment out of the adventure that you lived, what would that be. That our faith is the biggest weapon that we have, and that our religion is very much alive, and that the spiritual weapons are the ones that will deliver us and nothing else, and that Faith is above all.


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New Amazing Miracle by the Mother of God

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