They say You dont exist

They say You dont exist

They say you don't exist, because they don't see you... But I, can see You! Your touch is Life! I see Your Love hidden within beauty, within diversity... You don't put a signature to Your works, You are humble... I recognize You in the persons... I thank You! You brought me out of inexistense. I have beginning, but I have no end... You want me to taste Your Loving within Your bosom... You want to make me become like You... You Love without expecting in return and without limits! You want me as well to do the same. To abolish within myself the darkness, to overcome even the last obstacle that makes You invisible to my eyes the Love toward my enemies. Give me strength, till I rise from the mud and become for ever Your child.


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Many years ago, our Christian Church Fathers, living under the grace of the Holy Spirit, wrote in Greek language some very important Patristic Literature, so bright as a Christmas star, for the next generations to follow and find the place in their heart where Jesus Christ wants to live.

We are a start-up Greek Orthodox digital publisher and our job will be to collect all these important and life changing patristic texts and to "convert" them to some quite unique kind of audible, bilingual, comprehensible self-studying material.

With English interlinear translation and synchronized Greek audio narration, our Web App will make it possible for anyone to study the Word of God and the Greek language a la vez!

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They say You dont exist

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